Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So...I started weight watchers today, online. I'm hoping because it's high tech I will stick with it and have more fun :) I know I can do this!
So while I was doing the dishes today I realized something. I was thinking about my past failures with weight loss and for some reason it made me think of how I use to balance my check book. The reason I found a common thread with that and weight loss was when I was young...I would NEVER check my account, or keep up on balancing my checkbook and I would spend spend spend and wonder why I would all of the sudden be in the negative with my banking account! With this tracking what I eat (in a non-obsessive way) it made me think how long I've been treating my eating like that old bank account. I would eat and eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but because I wasn't keeping track (like balancing the checkbook) I found myself gaining weight and going into the +positive+ weight wise. And wondering why. Well...I knew why but I guess I didn't want to admit to myself that things just might be slightly out of control. Even though I want to be eating foods that are more healthy and nutritious... I definitely want to keep track of the amount of what I'm eating each day. In the past when I have tracked weight watcher points on paper, if I had a day that I would consider normal for "past Jenn", and compare it to" ww Jenn"....I would see that I was eating waaaay tooo much! Anyway, it's all about moderation, right? I really like food. I'd really like to be at a healthier weight and live a long life too. I think I'll be choosing the latter :) I can still enjoy food without overdoing it!


Erin said...

ahhh. It's all about balance. Become too obsessed with it and you're on the other end. Find small ways each week of bringing your life into a more healthy balance and they will stick, but try to "overhaul" everything all at once and you'll find yourself right back in that old pattern again. Baby steps are often the ones that make the most difference. Love you girl. You can do this!!!

JennVDW said...

Thanks Erin! We just finished our Beth Moore study last week and the last lesson was on self control. It smacked me straight in the forehead! :) She too was talking about balance. How many people find themselves on the polar ends of the weight issue. Either way obsessive, or neglecting their bodies all together. I think I've been on the latter side and trying to pull my way to the middle! I really appreciate the encouragement doll :)
Love you,