Friday, April 2, 2010 brain hurts.

Well. What a way to wake up. Say that three times fast! LOL. I awoke this morning to a monster standing over me, and as I rolled over and enveloped my body in satin sheets and comfy comforters, the monster seeped into my sub- conscience. "Quickbooks, payroll, taxes!!!!" it said. I tried to shut out the words, tried to think on lighter things, tried to go back to the nice dream I was having 5 minutes ago. Nope. Didn't work. The monster called Anxiety just wouldn't release it's grip from my brain! Ugh. Like I said: Whatawaytowakeup. Ha!
So, after calling Intuit payroll support a couple of times, I'm happy to announce that I have slayed the beast!!! I used my trusty sword named Overcome. My dad is so right on with the quote, "Action cures fear".  I proved to myself that I could do it!!! Now on to the other beasts. There is this dragon called Taxes, or is it's name simply Quickbooks for Mac? I think the latter. It's the Quickbooks beast that is causing the problem. To war!!!!!!